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Parkside Hotels & Resorts division of Parkside Hotel Group started back in 1975 in London, England.After many years later and changes, Parkside has evolved into the fastest growing franchise program in the world. Parkside is dedicated to expanding the franchise program worldwide. Parkside Hotels & Resorts short and long-term goal is to expand the franchise and focusing on the business needs of the Parkside members. Parkside is made of Seven sections: Parkside Inn, Parkside Hotel, Parkside Resort, Parkside Suites, Parkside Plaza Hotel, Parkside Grand Plaza Hoteland Parkside Collection

We are dedicated to growing the value capitaland profit that have been entrusted to our clients. With profesional experience, expertise and resources, you have this Hotel's warranty at the highest level
Parkside Hotels Management Company division of Parkside Hotels & Resorts - Worldwide, specializes in the development of hotels business. Since its establishment in 1975 Parkside can provide the services of project planning,construct ion consultants, operational management,brand franchise,management consulting and professional training and etc....
We supply different kinds of property management with outstanding brands of Parkside Inn, Parkside Hotels, Parkside Suites, Parkside Resort, Parkside Plaza Hotel, Parkside Grand Plaza Hotel,Parkside Collection featured services and the excellent management team.
strong customer resources, marketing network and brand reputation to create sustainable hotel management and services models with ( high quality, high revenue, high returns,low investment,low cost, low consumptions ).
In charge of brand management,we create the high recognition and reputation of each proper­ty by the brand strategy, we provide with most convenient "one stop" information system solu­tions

Suni Garden Resort

Suni Garden Resort

Suni Garden Resort

Suni Garden Resort


Hotels and Resort

Hotels and Resort

Consulting Services
Operation Services
Consultant Management
Chain Hotel
  • Hotel Consultan Management

    - From Design Drawing to The Hotel Opening

  • Consulting services

    - Project Feasibility Study
    - Market survey

  • Operation Services

    - Full scale services for the assistance of the hotel operation


Parkside Hotel & Resort Team

Brad Johnson

President / CEO Parkside Hotels(UK)

Dale Grover

Vice President Parkside Hotels(UK)

PJ Patel

Vice President Worldwide Operations

John Kramer

Vice President Sales / Marketing

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